Top 4 things NOT TO SAY when ordering a custom cake
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Top 4 things NOT TO SAY when ordering a custom cake

Top 4 things NOT TO SAY when ordering a custom cake

Have you ever ordered a professionally decorated custom cake? It’s not the same process as looking through a a laminated book of sheet cake photos and pointing to the design you want. Our bakery specializes in cakes with truly custom designs and handmade edible artwork. If what you’re looking for is something you’ve seen at a grocery store, then chances are that we don’t make it here.

Now don’t get me wrong; there is no shame in ordering a good old fashioned sheet cake. We can’t always splurge on a fancy cake for every occasion (when everything is special, then nothing is, right?). I personally just don’t like to decorate sheet cakes because I feel like anyone can. It’s the same reason I haven’t drawn or painted a bowl of fruit since I was in an art class…“been there, done that”. So when inquiring about a custom cake for your next special event, here are the TOP 4 THINGS that make me cringe (or worse, inspire an involuntary eye-roll):

“How much is a custom cake?”  There are many factors that will determine the cost of a cake, so at the very least, a cake pro needs to know how many people you need to serve and a basic description of the type of decoration.  Most custom cake shops price by the slice, so the guest count is key to estimating the size (and therefore the cost) of the cake.  

“How much is the cake in this photo?”  Again, what if the cake in the photo serves 120 people and your event is for 10 guests?   Guest count is key to an accurate price quote.   

“I just want something simple.”  What is simple to you is not always simple to a cake decorator.  Do you mean inexpensive?  Perfectly smooth?  Clean lines and sharp edges?  Only one color?  The same pattern repeated all over the cake?  Get as specific as possible.  

“That’s too expensive – can you lower the price?” Uhm, no.  Our cakes cost what they cost.  I know that creating cakes look like fun, but this is still a business and we calculate the prices of our products like any other business: based on costs of ingredients, supplies, labor and overhead.  If you’re flexible on design, your decorator may be able to achieve a similar look using different techniques or materials that would reduce the price.  But in the end, the old saying is true: “you get what you paid for”.

If you stick to these guidelines, you’ll be a custom cake connoisseur in no time!