Welcome back to the Blog!
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Welcome back to the Blog!

Welcome back to the Blog!

Hi! I’m Jennifer, the owner of Plumeria Cake Studio in Mission Viejo CA. I’m also a recovering accountant.

Once I had my second kid, I decided that I couldn’t go back to a boring old office job. It wasn’t worth missing all that magical new mom & baby time, so I needed a side-hustle. Besides, I felt like I was wasting my talents in a cubicle.. But which talent should I focus on and turn into a business? I had always been crafty and artistic, but I had so many interests that I didn’t know where to start. Then one afternoon, I was having lunch with a friend (who I consider my mentor-preneur) that suggested that I start blogging. The idea was that I would pull together all the creative type things I had done for friends and colleagues and create a post about each one. I loved planning parties, creating customized invitations, floral centerpieces, cookie party favors and decorated cakes. I had decorated friends’ houses for the holidays. I had coordinated weddings. I had addressed wedding invitations with hand-lettered calligraphy. So in between diapers and bath time, I started posting.

When I got my first request for a custom cake, I was shocked! Someone was reading this? Did I do cakes? I guess I had posted a few. I mean, I’ve been using piping bags and decorating stuff since I was tiny. But cakes?

Jennifer, master of the piping bag (and rocking the Dorothy Hamil cut). Seen here circa 1978 with my sous chef (or taste tester) brother Alex.

So over the next few years, I developed recipes and kept creating cakes and cupcakes for friends and family. Every time a friend had a party, they would have people ask where they got the cake, so I kept getting orders. And the more I decorated, the more I was hooked. A cake artist was born.

Somewhere in the fury of baking and whipping up icing, I stopped blogging. But I’m back! And I’m excited to start sharing my journey with you again on this blog. I hope you’ll be curious enough to try cake and cookie decorating on your own, or maybe even with me in a workshop at my studio!

I hope to teach you, entertain you and inspire you to follow your dreams. But in reality, running a business is hard as shit and I won’t be sugar-coating my experiences either. The truth is that I don’t have the time or resources to go to therapy right now, so you’re all I’ve got! So let the catharsis begin…